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Shadow on Concrete Wall


With an eye for aesthetics, movement and a curious nature, Kriti 'Sara' Paul is continuously evolving her artistic learning. Her work breaks away from conventional norms and embraces experimentation, innovation, and exploration of new ideas - the process is perceptible within her unique artworks which are intuitive and free flowing. This allows the layers and color relationships to direct her compositions organically, giving each piece an aesthetically pleasing quality.

Sara is a self-taught contemporary local artist in Dubai, UAE.

She is known for her minimalist, earthy, mixed media paintings created in a studio in the heart of her home, where she lives with her husband and two cats.

You can follow her art on Instagram, @sara_paints_instagallery  to keep up with the latest.

You can also browse through her work under the Artworks widget. Or simply get in touch for commissions. 

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